Sweet Pea

Age: 2
Sex: F
Size: Small
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Hi there! My name is Sweet Pea, and I am a young(around 2yo) petite black kitty with a few white hairs on my chest, side, and back. I have been spayed and my health is great. I am full of energy, I can be talkative, enjoy wet food and treats, and love to explore. I won't intentionally knock things over like a lot of cats, but it might be a good idea to keep any breakables tucked back until I am done exploring my newfound home because I have been known to explore shelves, mantels, cabinets...I just need to know what is behind every door! Laser lights are so much fun, but I love toys I can bat around and chase. I still have my claws and I love scratching posts!

Ooh...and I absolutely love to be picked up and petted, and will purr for you whenever you rub me under my chin or stroke my sleek coat. I am good with children, but think dogs are only good for chasing out of my yard, so if you have a dog we most likely will not be friends. Although I have been a mommy, I do prefer to be the only kitty, but might do okay with the right kind of cat, as I am gradually getting used to sharing my domain with the other kittys, but it's a struggle. I see myself as a Princess, you see. Come and meet me at Safe Place, and see if I could be the one for you!