Age: 6
Sex: F
Size: Medium
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Let me introduce myself! My name is Manxie, and you can probably guess from my name I am a Manx. I’m a pretty calico, but gray and tan instead of black and gold. I’m seven years old, 8.9 pounds, and a spayed female with claws. Unlike my brother Pip, I’m not an outgoing, in your face type of cat. I hang back until I get to know you enough to trust you. But once I do, I will give my whole heart! I am a real lover and a true lap cat. I’m that way on my own terms though; I really don’t like to be picked up and will l squirm to get down. But hey, that’s just me. I’m still a lover, and if you let me I will give you kitty kisses on your face.

I want as much attention as I can get, and as Pip said, I am more than willing to push him out of Mom’s lap to claim my rightful spot. I was here first after all! But as Pip also said, we really love each other. I also like to go outside, especially when it’s sunny and warm. I love to lie in the sun, inside if not out. Pip and I both sleep with Mom, but I like to snuggle right next to her on her pillow. She says that she could use me as a pillow! I told you that my name is Manxie, but when Mom adopted me my name was marble, probably because of my coloring. But she likes to say that my name should actually be Bunny! I have bunny-soft fur (I love to be brushed!), but what really reminds her of a bunny is that when I run or go down stairs, I hop! I move both my back legs at the same time. My mom says it’s really cute, and the lady who picked me up to take me to SP4P agreed.

I don’t really like to play with toys, but I do love to run. I will run at full speed, stop, and take off again. It’s so much fun that I don’t need those silly mice.

Mom had to move and she can’t take us with her which makes her really sad. Like my brother, I would also love to find another home where I could be loved as much as Mom does, so I’ll echo what he said. Please come to SP4P and meet us!