Age: 6
Sex: F
Size: Medium
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Hello, Manxie here. Unusual name, I know. But it's because I'm a Manx cat, I'm sure. My fur is a pretty calico, but gray and tan instead of black and gold. I am rather gorgeous (the Safe Place volunteers tell me, and I have to agree). I’m six years old, 8.9 pounds, and a spayed female with claw. I'm a nice size lap cat with wonderfully soft fur, who would most definitely enjoy your company. In my prior home, I loved to "bunny hop" up and down the stairs. But I'd be happy to hop wherever you live too. I'll hop right into your lap, if you'll have me. I loved to be brushed too, so just imagine me in your lap while you are brushing me. It'd be great. Ok, your turn...why don't you contact Safe Place for Pets for more info on me? Email or call 719-359-0201.