Age: 7
Sex: F
Size: Small
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Hi my name is Dixie. I am a sweet, petite Tortoise Shell with adorable spots on my nose, I like to stay inside and follow my Dad around. We enjoy watching TV together. I curl up in his lap and really like to be petted and get belly rubs. When he moves I take over his seat. Kids are ok if older and I think I would rather be an only cat. It took me a long time in my previous home to settle down with my kitty friend. Please no dogs. We don't see eye to eye. My favorite toy are bottle caps. If you talk to me I will try and carry on a conversation. At age 7 I am pretty set in my ways. I like wet and dry food. No fish flavors. I like Wellness dry and Meow mix wet. My Mom and Dad had a hard time finding what I like to eat best.

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