Age: 5
Sex: M
Size: Large
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

My name is Packard, and I am around 5 years old. I am a male, neutered orange tabby with claws. I look much sleeker than my buddy Rocky, kind of like that old automobile I must be named after, but I am 14lbs of fun! There were three of us that started our lives as strays: Rocky, Bandit, and myself. We were very loyal to our human mom who saved us, and were very sad when we had to leave. Bandit does better on his own, and has found a new family to give hugs to, whereas Rocky and I are closer and much more bonded.

I will be a little shy at first, too, but I am a little bit bolder and will come out and explore and if you sit at a desk I will hop up and say hi for a petting. I also give head butts and nuzzles once I get to know you better. Brush me, and my purr motor goes into high gear! I love to play with toys. Loud noises and sudden movements will make me run and hide, but I will be back out for more attention in a minute or two. I'm sure once Rocky and I settle in we will be more relaxed and less likely to run and hide. The two of us are known for wanting a bit of attention at the same time, but we won't fight each other to get it.

Please call Safe Place for a Meet and Greet with the two of us. With a little time and patience, you will see the wonderful fur friends we will be!