Adoption Date: 8/21/2016

Intake Date: 10/26/2015

Adoption Announcement - 8/21/2016

Ms B has been adopted! ( and has a new name)

Carol was looking for a new cat as her last had unfortunately died of cancer. Carol met one of our Feline Coordinators as she and her daughter were leaving one of our events. Carol had found us on one of the pet sites and liked our mission. She was originally interested in Frankie, but after visiting the cats at our cattery, she saw Ms B and fell in love with her. When she found out that Ms B had been one of longer residents at the cattery, she felt doubly gratified. Ms B was just as pleased to meet Carol.

When Carol first took Ms B home, she immediately noticed that she was developing some serious allergies. She tried changing cat litter's a couple of times but that didn't help, and she was desperately afraid her that she was going to have to give Ms. B back. (we do a pre-adoptive visit for this reason...we'd rather each person spend time with the pet before committing to lessen the trauma on all). Carol said Ms. B was the perfect cat for her. She said that even if she was unable to adopt her, she wanted to foster her because she didn't want to see Ms B in her kennel again. As it happened, the Feline Coordinator the Carol had been working with was out of town, and they kept in touch during the pre-adoptive visit. By the time she returned from her trip, Carol's allergies had settled down and she wanted to go ahead with the adoption.

Carol says that when she comes home at night Miss B is there at the door to greet her and insists on at least 10 to 15 minutes solid attention. She is then happy to settle next to her on the couch. They watch the news together. The other night when she came home, she fell asleep on the couch and Ms. B had curled up on her stomach and fallen asleep. Carol says that they are a perfect match for each other and that it is wonderful to have a living creature greet her when she comes home at night. They seem to be very happy together. Ms. B's has even found her own hideaway in the closet. She likes to have a place to go when company comes to visit. She can scamper upstairs quickly when she wants to. Otherwise, she is happy to stay with Carol.

We wish Carol and Ms B (renamed Misty) a long and happy life together. Special thanks to the volunteers who made Misty's new Safe Place Snuggly.

Adoption Bio - 10/26/2015

I am Ms. B (or B as many folks call me), and the things my Safe Place caretakers seem to brag about me are: Prim, proper lady and a gorgeous Siamese mix! I am a seasoned 10+ year old. As a Siamese, I'm a little independent, but I like my human time too. At the Safe Place cattery, I kind of have them trained--I let them know to be sure to give me my snack of canned cat food daily. I will meow until I get my portion. Fair is fair, right? I prefer a home where my humans are home regularly. I don't prefer to be left alone for long periods--I do get a little lonely. And if you're gone, how can I show you that I want you company and affection? I absolutely love being brushed--you can do it, or just hold the brush, and I'll help myself. Um, also, if you have a lint roller, I would love it if you would roll it around on takes off excess hair, and is like a mini massager. It's divine! I'm not really interested in having dogs, other cats or kids around-I prefer being the lady of the house. So if you are looking for one lovely middle aged lady to spoil, ask about me.