Adoption Date: 1/8/2017

Intake Date: 9/13/2016

Adoption Announcement - 1/8/2017

Lola's lengthy search for a new home is over!

Lola found her new home with Robin, one of our volunteers, and is doing just fine with the two canine siblings. She thinks the dog's water bowl is the best and they are willing to share. Lola has taken over the house and any and all available chairs. She was a perfect fit as soon as she entered her new home and made it quit clear she was staying.

We are so happy that Lola is finally home and wish her many more years of happiness! Many thanks to all those that helped Lola find her new home.

Adoption Bio - 9/25/2016

Hi, I'm Lola, and I'm a DLH tortie mix with lovely green eyes and claws. You won't want to look away as I mesmerize you with my beauty. I'll act shy, but will be happy to warm up to you when you give me a chance. I'm middle aged, and would prefer a quiet home with no other cats. I've lived with small dogs before, and would consider habitating with them again. I like to be picked up and stretched out to my full length, which is rather generous. I'm a thin girl, so I don't weigh much. I will also stand on the floor and stretch up to the countertop to let you know I'd like some of what you are preparing. So if you'd like a little kitchen help, consider me your ready and willing helper. People think I was named for the Kink's song Lola. But I was really named for a song "What Lola wants Lola gets" from the play Damn Yankees. And it's you I really want. Please come meet me today!