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  Have you had pets in the past?

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  Have you ever had a pet euthanized?

  How many pets do your currently have in your household?  

  If there are pets in household, list Type (cat/dog/other), Breed, Spayed/Neutered, and Age:


  Are you able to provide transportation for a vet visit if necessary?

  Are you able to provide food for a foster pet? (Financial assistance may be available)

  Will you be willing to help SP4P evaluate the appropriateness of prospective adopters by attending the meet and greet with your foster pet?

  If your foster pet gets lost, in addition to contacting SP4P, what steps would you take to find it?


  What would you do if your foster pet does not get along with your present pet(s)?


  Where did you hear about SP4P?


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