Age: 11
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Eric is an 11-year-old neutered male, has claws, and weighs just over 11 pounds. In his former home, Eric was an indoor/outdoor cat, who enjoyed spending his outdoor time with the feral cat colony living in his backyard (which his former dad supported and managed under the HSPPR Trap/Neuter/Release program).

Eric has a calming personality, loves his human (and will follow them from room to room). He is a gentleman, but will play when you have a good toy. We call Eric our 'Tom Selleck' of cats, because he is so ruggedly handsome. (We're not sure what the real Tom Selleck would think, but we hope he would approve of our Eric). Eric has befriended several shy cats that have come into the program and helped them acclimate and find their new home. Now we hope it is Eric's turn. Eric is looking forward to meeting you so please do visit him soon!