Age: 11
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

Hi! I'm Eric, an 11 year old neutered male with claws, and I weigh around 9lbs. I was an indoor/outdoor cat when I lived with my human dad, but these days I am content to lay in front of an open window on warm days with the sun hitting my coat, especially in a chair(I am good about sleeping on towels and blankets so I don't turn your furniture into furr-niture!) I am a handsome fellow with my silver-grey coat and yellow eyes and rugged good looks. I still like to play with toys like laser lights and string with paper on the end of it, and if you walk by and I want attention, I will reach out and 'paw' your leg as you pass. All I need is a little scratch on my head or a hello, and I'm happy. I am not a Lap Cat, but I do like a good petting, and will stretch up and place my paws on your leg to make it easier for you to do so when you are seated! I will walk away when I am done.

I can be good around other cats, having befriended some of the shy ones here at Safe Place, but I am not good around all cats, especially bossy ones.

I do have a special kibble I eat, but my Vet says I am happy and healthy, so please, won't you give me an opportunity to be the kind of guy you are looking for?