Welcome to Safe Place For Pets

Since our organization was founded by a Hospice nurse in 1996, we've helped over 500 pets become part of new, loving families! Safe Place for Pets works with people (and their families) dealing with a terminal illness for the ongoing care of their beloved companions while in their homes and after. We have many lovely pets in foster and at our Manitou Springs Cattery who are looking for new homes. Could you or a friend/family member benefit by having one of our wonderful rescues join your family?

Featured Pet

Peeper: Jeepers Peepers...yep, that's me. I have big green eyes, and a nice black coat with brown undertones. I am very friendly, and love to "head bump" you to let you know I'd like some attention. I have no teeth. I talk a lot and I eat just fine. I am healthy, active, and I enjoy going outside sometimes when it is nice. I have been with another kitty, but not dogs or kids yet.

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Our Wellness Program is making a difference!

Our Wellness Program was kicked off at the beginning of the year and is already making a big difference! We are adding success stories as we go, so be sure to check out our Wellness Spotlight.